No Smoke Without Fire? Weird Vape Flavours You Could Try

If you're looking for something new to smoke but aren't inspired by the frequent flavours you see floating around vape shops, you're in luck! There is a whole world of weird and wonderful liquid flavours out there if you know where to look. Here are a couple of options that are available — if you're brave enough! Birthday Cake For those with a sweet tooth, this may be a good choice. [Read More]

How POS Software Can Reduce Losses in Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry has many possible avenues for willful or accidental losses to occur. These range from employee theft to fraudulent customers paying with false cheques. This article discusses how you can use point of sale software to limit these losses. Fingerprint Authorization Configure the POS system in such a way that employees can only access it by the use of their fingerprints. This approach will ensure that employees do not ask their colleagues to sign them in when they are not yet at work. [Read More]

Second birthday present ideas

If you need to buy a present for a new two year old, you might be stuck for ideas. Two years olds generally have a lot of toys from their earlier years rattling around, but tend to not be old enough for other easier gift ideas. Here are some ideas of gift substitutions that you can buy them that should get you some brownie points with the parents as well as kids. [Read More]

Behind a Fake Bookcase or Inside a Hollow Chest of Drawers: Four Places to Hide Your Gun Safe

Legally, you have to store your gun in a gun safe—you can't hide it in a hollow book on your bookshelf or underneath your pillow. However, if you want your guns completely out of sight, you can hide your gun safe. Here are a few ideas to explore: 1. A Recessed Wall Safe A recessed wall safe makes use of the empty gaps between your walls. Essentially, you need to knock out the plaster on one side of the wall, set the gun safe in the cavity between the walls and anchor it to the floor. [Read More]